On October 31, Ukraine and 49 Western countries made a statement expressing grave concern at the Chinese regime’s repressive human rights practices.

According to the Washington Post, the statement condemns the CCP for their “crimes against humanity” in their treatment of Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.

It was the first time the Ukraine government had taken action to protest the evil acts of China’s regime.

In the past, Ukraine’s government has always stayed out of activities condemning the CCP’s crimes against humanity. However, since Russia invaded Ukraine, Kyiv has changed its views.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the power ruling China, is said to have supported the Putin government in the Russia-Ukraine war. This angered the Ukrainian government, which historically had good relations with the CCP.

Many human rights groups have accused China of illegally detaining, torturing, and forcing minority religious groups to abandon their language and religious beliefs, with over one million believed to be held in detention camps.

In an interview with Axios in September, Ukraine parliamentary member Oleksandr Merezhko said that Beijing has tried to support the Russian government in the invasion of Ukraine.

Merezhko also pointed out the CCP’s nature and its crimes. 

He said, “I have experienced living in the Soviet Union for 20 years. I know what it’s like to live in a totalitarian state, which tramples human rights and undermines the world order.”

“To me, China is exactly like that, like the Soviet Union but more dangerous.”

Merezhko shared the time he realized “China is not our friend.” That is after CCP’s general secretary Xi Jinping touted a “partnership without limits” with Russia in a meeting with Putin early this year.

In addition, Merezhko condemned the CCP’s acts of repression of human rights in Xinjiang.

He said, “It is a crime against all humankind. It is a crime against all countries. When China is committing genocide, it is also a crime against Ukraine.”

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