According to a UK press release on Feb. 20, the UK government is seeking telecoms firms for advice on legal measures to cut the use of Huawei in UK networks.

It is part of its plan to have all U.S.-sanctioned Huawei equipment screened out from the nation’s 5G networks by the end of 2027.

One of the subjects to be discussed in the formal consultation is the rules for public telecoms providers that use Huawei equipment or its services. Another topic would be a notification categorizing Huawei as a high-risk vendor.

Companies will also confer with the UK government their views on proposed steps to prevent fixed broadband carriers from adopting Huawei equipment that is subject to US sanctions.

The consultation will last for four weeks and is only open to public communications providers who would receive the direction, and Huawei, the proposed designated vendor.

The consultation is the next step in the UK’s Telecommunications Security Act passed last November, which aims to enhance security in the UK’s 5G and full-fiber networks. The bill requires that network providers guarantee that the equipment and software used at phone mast sites and telephone exchanges satisfy specific criteria.

It also threatens hefty fines for telecoms companies who fail to meet the security standards. They might account for 10% of overall revenue, or nearly $113,000 every day.

British telecom providers have started removing the Chinese telecoms behemoth from Britain’s 5G network since July 2020.

The UK has also issued that Huawei equipment must be removed from the most vulnerable parts of the “core” network, with non-core systems accounting for no more than 35% of the total. The deadline had been set for 2023.

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