On Tuesday, October 11, chief Jeremy Fleming, head of the UK cyber-intelligence (GCHQ), declared that China is using its finances and technology to threaten global security. How the West responds will determine the future of the world.

During Fleming’s speech at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), he alleged that the Chinese regime wanted to change the rule of international security. 

He pointed out, “It’s deliberately and patiently set out to gain strategic advantage by shaping the world’s technology ecosystems. When it comes to technology, the politically motivated actions of the Chinese state is an increasingly urgent problem we have to acknowledge and address.”

According to the UK chief, digital currency and the Beidou satellite navigation network are the technology that Chinese leadership attempts to exploit and strengthen control over the homeland while spreading its influence overseas.

He argued that Beijing sees other countries “as either potential adversaries or potential client states, to be threatened, bribed or coerced.”

He urged democratic governments to create alternatives that deter developing countries from investing in Chinese technology and Western businesses and researchers to enhance intellectual property safeguards.

Fleming also addressed the importance of semiconductors in Taiwan. Fleming said, “events in the Taiwan Straits – any risk to that vital supply chain – have the potential to directly impact the resilience of the UK and global future growth.” 

The most recent public warning over Beijing’s actions comes from Fleming. He claimed last year that the West would have to fight to prevent China from dominating key developing fields, including genetics, synthetic biology, and artificial intelligence.

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