Two U.S. senators from both parties, Chuck Schumer and John Cornyn, are intent on convincing their colleagues to ban federal government business with Chinese semiconductors firms.

Politico reported that the two senators want their amendment included in the final version of this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This amendment forbids the U.S. federal government from using semiconductor products and services produced by Chinese companies.

The proposal would expand provisions in Section 889 that already bans federal agencies from doing business with Chinese telecommunications firms or contractors who use their technologies.

The two Senators managed to add their amendment to the Senate NDAA last month and now lobby their colleagues for the measure.

The move will put more pressure on the Chinese Communist Party-tied industries and decouple the world’s two largest economies.

Section 889, passed in the 2019 NDAA, initially targets Chinese tech giants such as Huawei or ZTE. And the new measure from the two Senators will expand the targeted list to other major Chinese tech firms, including the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC), Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp. (YMTC), and Chang Xin Memory Technologies.

Senior Fellow Klon Kitchen from American Enterprise Institute told Politico that the lawmakers’ move was a “brilliant idea.”

He said, “It demonstrates a bipartisan understanding of the challenges that come from China’s manipulation of markets and extension of the state.”

Last month, Washington unveiled strict measures on chip export controls to Beijing. The restrictions aim to cut off China’s access to chips used in artificial intelligence and supercomputing that the regime exploits to build its chip industry and enhance its military.

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