In a joint statement on April 22, the U.S. and E.U. opposed China’s over-economic coercion act, the cross-Taiwan Strait, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The statement was made public following meetings in Brussels between U.S. Deputy Secretary of State – Wendy Sherman and European External Action Service Secretary-General Stefano Sannino.

The E.U. and the U.S. slammed China for promoting “disinformation” about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, warning that tacit support for Moscow has consequences.

The media note of the White House stated that “They underscored they will continue to urge China not to circumvent or undermine sanctions against Russia, and not to provide any form of support for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and reaffirmed that such support would have consequences for our respective relationships with China.”

On the other hand, Sherman and E.U. foreign policy head Stefano Sannino didn’t explain whether all parties were on the same page regarding the potential implications.

Regarding Taiwan, The U.S. and E.U. “expressed their support for the peaceful resolution of cross-Strait issues, and discouraged any actions, which undermine the status quo.”

Taiwan praised and welcomed the United States and the E.U., saying the island country will continue its efforts to play a role in world affairs and contribute to regional stability.

On Friday, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait had become “the mainstream” in the United States, Europe, and other democratic nations.

According to the statement, China’s recent economic coercion episodes prompted both parties to express “particular concern about” and “opposition to.”

The talk also stressed the significance of international collaboration in dealing with rising cases of economic coercion.

According to the European Union in January, China’s trade practices against Lithuania were “discriminatory” and “illegal.”

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