China is now dealing with a more contagious COVID variant and waning public anger due to its ‘Zero-COVID’ policy. The business community is now also affected by the sweeping lockdowns across the country.

According to Reuters, the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China) said on May 9 that American businesses are having a difficult time convincing overseas employees to join them in China. It’s because of China’s COVID-19 control measures and ongoing lockdowns.

AmCham China conducted a survey among 121 companies between April 29 and May 5. The results show that 49% said foreign workers are either significantly less likely or refuse to relocate to China, citing COVID-related policies.

As the South China Morning Post reported, Chamber chairman Colm Rafferty said, in his words, “We are bracing for a mass exodus of foreign talent this summer, with fewer employees overseas willing to take up open positions here in China.”

He added that uncertainty around the length of quarantine and lockdown was the primary reason.

It’s also worth mentioning that all international passengers are subjected to a three-week quarantine period. They then have to undergo quarantine in a government-designated hotel right after they enter China.

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