The U.S. Department of State released the “2021 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices” on April 12, listing 24 “crimes” by Beijing.

The report names China, Russia, North Korea, Nicaragua, Syria, Myanmar, Belarus, Cuba, and Sudan, among others, for violating human rights and democracy.

The 90-pages section about China in the report identifies 24 crimes by the Chinese regime. These include arbitrary detention and killings, forced sterilization, rape, torture, forced labor, suppression of religious freedoms, human trafficking, enforced disappearances, and more.

The report points out the “genocide and crimes against humanity” against predominantly Muslim Uighurs and other minority groups in western Xinjiang.

The report also highlights that Chinese officials and security personnel often violate human rights with impunity. In addition, the authority’s enforcement of corruption law is capricious and opaque, while corruption is widespread.
Authorities often announce investigations after alleged cases of killings by police but have not made public the findings or punishments.

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