Recently, typhoon Siamba made landfall at around 3 pm on July 2 on the coast of Dianbai district, Guangdong province. Before making landfall, Siamba caused a tornado in Chaozhou city and another with a waterspout in Zhangjiang city.

Siamba is the third typhoon in China but the first to make landfall this year.

A video shows tornados in Fuyang Town, Chaozhou city, at around 7 am on July 2. A white vortex wind column appears on the ground in the distance. It lifts off the iron sheets of a factory building, causing debris to circle in the air. After several seconds, it dissipates, and another wind column quickly forms. The newly-formed vortex wind column continues to make debris hover around.

A resident says that he is frightened to see a tornado at a height of over 30 feet. He has lived here for over 20 years, but this is his first time seeing such a tornado.

Earlier, on June 30, a tornado with a waterspout appeared at the seaside near Jizhao Bay, Zhangjiang city. 

A video shows a funnel-shaped cloud formed between the sea and the sky in the distance. The water column goes straight to the cloud base. The atmosphere is half-bright and half-dark, and waves are swirling and churning in the sea.

A netizen says the phenomenon lasted about half an hour before it gradually disappeared.

On June 30, a typhoon initiated tornadoes near Danjiu Village, Foshan city, and another in Jizhaowan village, Wuchuan city. Another tornado with a waterspout occurred in the sea near Qing’ao Bay in Shantouon the morning of July 2.

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