Recently, the image of a luxurious 2-story toilet building in the countryside of Changchun, Jilin, has attracted the public’s attention.

On September 16, the “Changchun cropland now has two-story luxurious public toilets” became the topic of Baidu’s trending search. In addition, the video about this toilet has also gone viral on the internet.

The Footage shows a rare sight. A building that looks like a luxury villa in the middle of a crop field. But it is indeed a public toilet.

The local response said that this is to facilitate residents to go to the toilet while walking and is also a garbage transit station. 

An article on NetEase titled “Prodigal! The two-story-high luxury public toilet in the cropland is useless except to show off financial wealth” raised many questions about this issue. 

The article doubts the real purpose of this public toilet. If it is a garbage transfer station, is it necessary to build such a luxurious toilet? In addition, people cannot walk to a large field far from residential areas.

Such flashy toilet investment stems from the “toilet revolution” of the Chinese regime. According to Chinese media, leader Xi Jinping launched this campaign in 2015 to solve the poor condition of public restrooms in tourist destinations.

After that, China’s large cities and rural areas began to carry out the “toilet revolution.” The CCP allocates funds to support the “toilet revolution” every year.

Typically Guangdong Province allocated more than 32.9 billion yuan ($4.7 billion) from 2018 to 2020 to promote rural construction, including the “toilet revolution.” Yunnan Province also invested 1.475 billion yuan ($211.2 million) in the rural “toilet revolution” in 2020.

However, this “toilet revolution” has also become a tool for local officials to make money.
In July 2019, the China central TV station CCTV reported that each toilet renovation award replenished funds by 500 yuan in Yingli Village, Shijiazhuang, Hebei. As a result, the local officials inflated more than 100 toilets to defraud subsidies.

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