Reuters reported that U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris visited Japan’s Yokosuka Naval Base on Wednesday, September 28, and delivered a speech mentioning China and Taiwan.

Harris condemned the Chinese regime’s disturbing behaviors in the Pacific region during the speech. She promised that the U.S. would deepen “unofficial ties” with Taiwan and act “undaunted and unafraid” in the Taiwan Strait.

Harris said, “We will continue to oppose any unilateral change to the status quo.”

Harris added, “And we will continue to support Taiwan’s self-defense, consistent with our long-standing policy. … Taiwan is a vibrant democracy that contributes to the global good—from technology to health, and beyond, and the United States will continue to deepen our unofficial ties.”

Harris released these statements after President Joe Biden said in an interview broadcast on September 18 that the U.S. would defend Taiwan should the Chinese regime invade the Island.

The members of the Democratic and Republican parties differ in opinion on many issues. Still, they all agree that it is necessary to strengthen and protect Taiwan from the threat of China’s regime.

Also, on September 28, in a meeting with Taiwan government officials, Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged the U.S. to have more bilateral cooperation with Taiwan. 

Pompeo expressed that he looks forward to the U.S. and Taiwan jointly promoting democracy and freedom.

The former secretary of state added that the U.S. was aware of the threat posed by China’s regime since former President Trump was in office and was mindful of the danger when Beijing launched missiles around Taiwan following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit in August.

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