The rest of the world now chooses to coexist with COVID. China, on the other hand, continues to pursue its ‘zero COVID’ policy, meant to minimize transmission and eliminate the virus. On Friday, two of China’s megacities- capital Beijing and Shanghai, were racing once again to battle outbreaks caused by the highly contagious Omicron subvariants.

Officials said the Shanghai and Beijing COVID were under control for a short time. China’s Covid Zero policy is now testing again by resurgences in major cities with the Omicron sub-variant BA.5.

As Reuters reported, millions of Shanghai citizens lined up for Thursday’s third day of mass COVID-19 testing, as city officials are rushing with a potentially big outbreak.

According to Bloomberg, the city reported 59 new local infection cases on Friday, which is more than the 45 reported on Thursday and highest since late May.

Late Friday, the local government reported that Shanghai hasn’t found the BA.5 omicron sub-variant in Covid in its latest outbreak.

Under China’s approach of rigorously taming outbreaks, imposed lockdowns caused people mental stress and financial hardship and disrupted global supply chains or overseas trade.

From a noting, Nomura analysts sent the message referring to the highly transmissible BA.5.2 subvariant.

“A resurgence of Omicron is not an issue in most other countries, but it remains a predominant issue for the Chinese economy.”

In some areas of Beijing, new cases linked to the BA.5.2 omicron sub-variant have been detected, with about a dozen infections confirmed as of Wednesday.

For the first time, CBS News reported that Beijingers must have proof of vaccination to enter public places, including museums, theaters, and gyms.

And for Friday, people need to get their negative COVID-19 test results within 72 hours and be ready for the move.

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