Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has given a tough response to China’s draconian policy for controlling the Covid pandemic.

In a tweet on August 7, Dorsey called to stop the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which controls the most populous country.

“End the CCP,” Dorsey wrote, offering a solution with a simple message on his platform.

The former Twitter CEO was replying to a tweet from CNN correspondent Selina Wang, who highlighted a hard life in Beijing due to China’s Covid containment measures.

Wang described that Covid testing in China is relentless, and a health phone app dictates where she goes.

She reported that a green code is needed to enter public areas, while a red code means quarantine or isolation. Chinese authorities track people’s movements through these health apps.

The correspondent raised concern about whether this surveillance app stays long after the pandemic ends.

Wang stated that Covid testing is mandatory for all Beijing residents, which means more than 20 million people in China’s capital are forced to undergo Covid tests.

With its Zero-Covid approach to the pandemic, the Chinese regime has implemented some of the strictest Covid control measures in the world.

If the authorities find a single case of Covid infection in a city, they will lock the city down.

During the two-month lockdown in Shanghai, residents of the Chinese financial hub were restricted from movement. Therefore they struggled to get necessities, such as food and medical care. The city slowly ended the lockdown from June 1.

In China’s technology hub Shenzhen, authorities in late July ordered manufacturers into a week-long “closed loop” production. They barred workers from leaving the factories.

In Henan province, the government put a city of 1.6 million under lockdown after they detected one positive case of Covid. They halted public transportation and ordered all shops to close except grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals.

Dorsey’s response to China’s Covid policy attracted tens of thousands of retweets and likes. 

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