A U.S. cyber security firm detected a network of Twitter accounts spreading propaganda on China’s good image. Most of the accounts’ age and tweets are similar and don’t have real profile photos.

China treats Xinjiang and Uyghur nicely are the subject of those flooding tweets to promote Beijing’s narrative.

According to AP News, the security company Nisos found over 600 Twitter accounts promoting Beijing’s messages and denying forced labor’s existence in Xinjiang. These accounts retweet traditional dancing, scenic photos, and short clips with hashtags such as xinjiang, forcedlabor, and #humanrights. The regime’s propaganda also actively targeted overseas audience.

Business Inside reported that back in December 2021, Twitter suspended a Chinese-linked network of over 2,000 accounts for violating the “platform manipulation and spam policy, a coordinated activity that attempts to artificially influence conversations through the use of multiple accounts, fake accounts, and automation.”

Nisos’ report came after the international criticized Communist China for jailing and forcing labor Uyghurs, a Turkic ethnic group native in what Beijing calls “vocational education and training centers.”

According to the AP article, to divert and get around with international attention, China transferred those forced labor camps out of Xinjiang into different factories.

Global brands such as Nike and H&M are under condemnation for using China forced labor; they have to agree not to continue using products such as cotton from human rights abuse sources.

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