Taipei zoo announced a panda named Tuan Tuan died aged 18 on November 19 after suffering seizures. Tuan Tuan was a gift to Taiwan from China 14 years ago when the relations between the two were normal. 

According to The Guardian, Beijing sent Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan to Taiwan in late 2008, when ties between the two countries were more cordial. 

The zoo confirmed that Tuan Tuan’s heart stopped beating at 13.48.

After being anesthetized for CT scans earlier on November 19, Tuan Tuan’s condition was “irreversible.” Therefore, the team decided to “let Tuan Tuan continue to sleep.”

Zoo official Eric Tsao said, “It would have been extremely painful and risky for Tuan Tuan to resuscitate him from the anesthesia.”

In August, after suffering seizures, Tuan Tuan, the panda’s scans revealed he had a brain lesion.

The seizures reappeared in the last several days. But, again, medication was unable to relieve the symptoms.

The zoo confirmed on October 24 that Tuan Tuan had developed hind limb weakness and decreased appetite.

China’s gift of Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan was regarded as supporting Ma Ying-jeou, a then-Beijing-friendly leader.

Since 1949, Taiwan has operated independently of China. Yet Beijing still considers the island to be a part of its territory.

China also vowed to “unify” with Taiwan, using force if necessary.

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