On Tuesday,August 30, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen ordered Taiwan’s military to take “strong countermeasures” against the CCP’s provocative actions, the same day Taiwan’s military fired live ammunition at a Chinese drone, according to RFI.

This is the first time Taiwan has issued a live-fire warning amid rising tensions between China and Taiwan. The CCP has never dominated Taiwan, but it claims sovereignty over the independent island, which Taiwan strongly opposes.

Taiwan’s Kinmen Defense Command said late Tuesday that a CCP drone flew into the restricted waters over Erdan Island at 5:59 pm local time. The Taiwanese military had issued warnings according to the procedure, but the drone ignored them. Thus, the Taiwanese military fired live ammunition to scare it away. Then the drone flew toward Xiamen.

Tsai ordered: take strong countermeasures to protect Taiwan’s airspace 

Earlier, on Tuesday, during a visit to the Penghu Islands armed forces, Tsai criticized China for its incessant harassment and its war activities conducted in other “gray zones.”

The Epoch Times quoted Tsai: “I want to tell everyone that the more provocation the enemy is, the calmer we have to be.” she told a naval officer: “We won’t initiate a dispute, we will maintain restraint, but that doesn’t mean we won’t fight back.”

According to Baijiahao, she said she had ordered the Defense Ministry to take “necessary and strong countermeasures” to protect Taiwan’s airspace.

After U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in early August, the CCP held large-scale military exercises around Taiwan for several days. Chinese drones also appeared several times in the airspace over Taiwan’s Kinmen.

Officials accompanying Tsai told reporters that Taiwan’s warships and warplanes based in Penghu have been carrying real bullets since the CCP began military exercises in August, but have never fired. The captain of the Taiwanese destroyer said that they regularly exchanged radio warnings with Chinese warships, and the Chinese side often shouts, “Fire at us! Shoot us!!” according to The Epoch Times.

“Don’t be surprised”

On August 16, mainland Chinese social media circulated a video of Kinmen defenders allegedly being filmed by a drone, showing Taiwanese soldiers, guarding the island, throwing rocks at the drone to scare it away. The video caused a stir in Taiwan.

On Monday, August 29, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, said that the Chinese drone was “flying over Chinese territory,” which was not something “surprising.” Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has vehemently denied this, saying that the CCP is the “uninvited.”

When being asked about China’s drone activity earlier on Tuesday, Taiwan’s Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng said he would not elaborate on what countermeasures would be taken against Chinese aggression, but Taiwan’s military will respond according to the principle of “self-defense.”
“When I set off firecrackers to scare away some sparrows, don’t be surprised,” he warned.

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