German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been opposed by his cabinet and ruling coalition because he visited China.

Critics argue that Scholz is no different from his predecessor Angela Merkel, who is said to be pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Current affairs commentator Wang He’s comments amplify two sides of Scholz’s visit to China.

On the one side, Scholz’s government benefits the CCP. On the other side, Scholz signals that he is also against this condemned organization.

Germany is considered the leader of Europe. Therefore, according to Wang, Scholz’s visit allowed the CCP to “bribe” U.S. allies.

For example, during Scholz’s one-day visit, China’s state buying agency CASC said it had signed a bulk agreement for 140 Airbus aircraft, including 132 A320-family jets and eight A350 wide-body aircraft.

Besides, the CCP also agreed to buy the BioNTech vaccine from Germany.

However, Da Ji Yuan cited Wang He saying that the governing coalition led by Scholz agreed that Germany would adjust its policy towards China.

It is understood that the new policy with Beijing will not let Germany depend on China as during the Merkel government.

According to Wang, Scholz not only discussed economic cooperation but also discussed with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang human rights, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as mentioning Taiwan.

Scholz noted to the Chinese leadership that the Taiwan Strait issue must be resolved peacefully. He also raised German concerns about human rights in Xinjiang.

Wang He said that Trump visited China during his term. However, shortly after returning to the U.S., Trump launched a trade war with China, a ‘blow’ that stunned and surprised the CCP.

The Scholz government’s policy-making document on China is being presided over by the German Foreign Ministry and is expected to be published early next year.

Wang wondered if Germany’s China policy would be as surprising as Trump’s action.

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