Tropical Storm Ma-on makes landfall in Guangdong

The Ma-on tropical storm, which translates as “horse saddle” in Chinese, is hitting China as several regions suffer from the severe drought brought on by record-breaking temperatures. On August 25, Ma-on made landfall in Guangdong after it swept through Hong Kong.

As reported by NetEase, the maximum wind force near the center was level 12 at the time of landfall.

On Hailing Island, Yangjiang, Guangdong, many trees were blown off their branches by the strong wind, and traffic signs were blown off in half.

Footage shared on the internet shows how dangerous it is when it blows people away. Many people were so scared that they hugged trees by the roadside, even burying their heads in trash cans, fearing flying objects could hit them.

According to the Guangdong Meteorological Public Service Center, Ma-on had sustained winds of 118 kilometers (73 miles) per hour and was moving slowly northwest at roughly 25 kilometers (15 miles) per hour and steadily weakening.

There are no reports of casualties or damage after the storm landed in Guangdong.

A weakened Ma-on still blows away balcony when entering Beihai

According to Chinese media, on the afternoon of August 25, Ma-on entered Guangxi from Guangdong. 

Beihai City issued an emergency notice on the same day. It is expected that there would be 12 to 13 wind gusts in Beihai City in the next 12 hours and 13 to 14 wind gusts on the sea surface of Beibu Gulf. 

Affected by Ma-on, Beihai City has been continuously raining since noon on August 25.

According to Sohu, Ma-on entered the territory of Hepu County, Beihai City, at about 16:00. A video shows the wind and rain whistling among the buildings in the residential area, and a balcony was blown away.

Electric fences installed to prevent people from escaping for food

In addition to the prolonged hot weather, people in many places are still struggling with the stressful situation of the Zero-COVID policy.

The authorities have always prioritized measures to prevent the spread of COVID disease, such as COVID testing and control of areas with positive cases.

Footage shared on the internet shows that the government has resorted to more strict measures as checkpoints are ineffective. They set up electric fences or barricades to stop people from leaving. 

The person who posted the video wrote that authorities want to “prevent people from climbing out to find food.” The footage looks like a scene in prison.

Chongqing: 1000 in motorcycle team help put out fire on Jinyun Mountain

Chongqing is experiencing a drastic time because of the heat. This has caused the trees to wither, creating conditions for many fires to occur.

Sina reported that on August 24, the Chongqing Emergency Management Bureau said that as of noon on August 24, the Jinyun mountain fire in Beibei, Chongqing, had been burning for nearly 60 hours but was still not extinguished.

A video shows the fire burning fiercely at Jinyun Mountain, an area engulfed in a sea of fire.

On the same day, there were about 1,000 motorcycle volunteers in the Jinyun mountain fire incident. They joined the mountain fire fighting team to participate in the transportation of materials and personnel.

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