As reported by Newtalk on June 8, the education division of the large online game company Perfect World is opening a one-time teaching program. Participants need to pay nearly 17,800 yuan (2,700 dollars) to attend the training.

The program only recruits 14 positions and is only open to students and graduates of Perfect World Education. The course will cover art, animation, action, special effects, planning, and other related types of work.

The fee is 17,800 yuan (2,700 dollars). However, some netizens reveal that the total fee reaches 80,000 yuan to enter the development project of a multiplayer survival online game.

It will last for three months. There is no additional charge for the portion beyond three months.

This paid training has attracted many criticisms from netizens.

A Weibo user mocks that college students should pay to work and gain experience while companies can strengthen training. Companies can get cash flow to overcome the difficulties, and college students are likely to get a job.

Some others sarcastically call it “paid to work.”

In response, the relevant person of the company states that this is an internal project of the education division of Perfect World. It aims to cultivate game talents for the company’s main business. The reason why they set up this project is to receive feedback from students. Besides, they want to practice in the actual development and operation scheme.

Another netizen thinks it is like a joke. The company not only did not pay the trainees game development wages but also required them to “subsidize” the company’s project.

Perfect World was established in 2004. Its business includes three segments: Perfect World Pictures, Perfect World Games, and Perfect World E-sports.

Perfect World Games have been distributed to more than 100 nations and regions. It is the first Chinese gaming firm to pioneer the independent development of 3D game engines.

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