In May this year, a video of a pregnant Chinese woman giving birth on the road was reported in Jiangsu. A few days ago, a similar incident reportedly occurred in Zhuhai, Guangdong.

A video posted on Twitter on September 24 shows a pregnant woman lying on the road. A young man helped the woman deliver her baby. Several other citizens used umbrellas and cloth to shield the scene and give a little privacy.

It can be heard from the video that the incident took place on Lianhua Road. It is reported that doctors from a nearby hospital did not give a hand. As a result, the woman’s husband had to help deliver their baby.

Not far from the scene, there is a sign saying “Port Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine nucleic acid sampling point.” According to public information, the site is located at 45 Lianhua Road, Zhuhai. 

The video’s captions read that the incident occurred on September 20 in Lianhua Road, Zhuhai. The woman’s water had broken, but she was refused entry to the hospital due to lacking a negative COVID certificate.

China still sticks to its “zero-COVID” policy, and people in several regions across the country must have negative 72-hour or 48-hour COVID certificates to enter public places such as hospitals and schools.

After watching the video, many netizens left comments to express their anger. 

“It’s really miserable.”

“The social system is inhumane.”

“It’s worse than the Cultural Revolution now.”

In May this year, the same incident occurred in Jiangsu Province.

On May 5, a video showed a woman lying on the concrete ground to deliver her baby. She rested her head on a man’s hand.

The Internet said that the pregnant woman was reportedly required to undergo COVID nucleic acid tests before admission. She then had to wait two hours until her turn to take the COVID tests. Finally, she ended up giving birth to the baby on the road.
However, as Red Star News reported on May 6, a person who spread the footage with the caption “a pregnant woman is giving birth at a nucleic acid testing point in Nanzha Street, Jiangyin” has been penalized by the police on the grounds of disturbing public order.

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