Pot-banging Chengdu residents protest over lockdowns

At midnight on July 28, Chengdu officials announced that Chenghua District would implement temporary traffic control from the 29th, and all residents in control would be tested for nucleic acid daily.

Positive cases in the community leave residents in Fuqing Road Street staying indoors. Community workers will support food and necessities purchasing. The other business stores are shut down except for supermarkets, pharmacies, and hospitals. In addition to the water, electricity, and other essential industries that are basically operated in the city, other businesses have to work from home.

This has made many communities angry, and footage shows they have been banging pots and pans to protest the lockdown measures.

Singing songs to praise the Communist Party is also the duty of a Chinese monk

Religion and politics are two different categories in human life. Religion shows the spiritual life and faith of people. Politics shows the principal power of a country.

In China, however, politics and religion seem to have been mixed and difficult to separate. Besides reciting sutras and praying, Chinese monks now have to rehearse to participate in political events. 

A video shared on Twitter with nearly 200,000 views shows Chinese monks learning a song praising the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at a temple. Standing in front of the background with the slogan “Always go with the Party”, the monks were singing the song without any motion.

Netizens have also left many comments about the video. User @brucejclee said, “In such an environment, the [Buddhist] practitioner should return to the world and find another place to practice.” User @jialinlin10 said, “That does not seem to be Buddhism, it is the [Communist] Party religion. There are no Buddha, Bodhisattva, or Vajra in such places. Inside those places are full of cattle, ghosts and snakes.”

Tianjin: Unknown gas leak caused many residents’ skin itchy

On July 28, many Tianjin Binhai New Area residents said they smelled an unpleasant odor that might come from a gas leak. They feel itchy and uncomfortable after inhalation.

The video posted on Twitter shows that the outdoor air is smokey like heavy fog is floating. People in the room are coughing. The man who shot the video said, “In the Asymchem Lab, all the workers had fled. I don’t know if there is any gas leakage. I can’t breathe anymore. It causes us all to cough.”

It is still unclear exactly what the gas leak is. However, the Tianjin Binhai New Area government officially issued a notice saying that the nearby area armed police forces routinely organize live-fire throwing training, which ended at 10:30 on July 28. Coupled with the unfavorable low-pressure diffusion conditions, the odor generated but does not harm the human body.

Under Covid measures, a Shanghai resident turns  car into a mobile home

Shanghai was lifted from its lockdown in early June. However, many areas are under special control because of small outbreaks. This has caused many people to manage to adapt to life while closed and open.

Footage shared on Twitter shows one resident turned his car into a mobile home to adapt to street life.

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