During China’s 20th National Congress, tragedies related to COVID restrictions continued to happen across the country.

Recently, a 14-year-old female middle school student in Ruzhou, Henan, China, reportedly died of a high fever at a quarantine site in Wanji High School. 

According to VOA News, there was no doctor at the time. After multiple calls for help from her family members, the student couldn’t make it due to delayed treatment.

Another tragedy occurred at the same quarantine site. Another 9-year-old boy had a high fever. However, the child was allegedly denied entry to the hospital. The father of the child then became angry while asking for help.

In the quarantine site at Wanji High School in Ruzhou, people with negative and positive results were reportedly isolated together. In the video, an old man is crying because of hunger. He had been there for several days.

According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, Inner Mongolia University of Technology in Hohhot has been closed for management since October 1. The teaching building and gymnasium have been turned into quarantine sites.

The school’s 30,000 teachers and students reportedly found it difficult to access food. The school canteen was often closed and two meals a day could not be delivered in time.

Due to supply shortages, many students turned to social media to ask for help.

Regarding this, Teacher Zhang from Inner Mongolia University of Technology said, 

0:50- 0:56 Anti-epidemic materials, like medical protective masks, sterilization and the like, as well as food,

0:56 Because these consumptions are relatively large,

0:57 Our school cafeteria is out of service now, 

1:00 for example, these instant noodles, ham sausage, bread,

1:03 These can accept donations or materials.

The school was then left to handle the issue by itself. On October 17, the alumni association started a fundraising campaign and urged graduates to help their alma institution overcome the difficulties.

Donations had to be suspended because there was no way to address the transportation issue because of the closure of the schools. 

According to media Inner Mongolia Daily, as of 24:00 on October 19, there were 250 confirmed cases and 1,895 asymptomatic infections in Hohhot.

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