Xinhua News Agency cited information from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s Emergency Management Bureau as reporting that the rainfall from May 22 has caused flooding in 8 cities and 19 counties in Guangxi.

Since May 26, torrential rain has hit northern and central Guangxi. It then produces floods in Guilin and Hechi, as well as landslides in many locations. The flooding ruined 4,500 hectares (about 11,000 acres) of crops. More than 200 houses were damaged.

As of May 27, the population affected by the floods has reached more than 100,000. In ​​Datang town, Laibin city, Guangxi province, heavy rains caused flooding and swept away three schoolchildren, two of whom were killed.

The meteorological department expects that Guangxi is expected to have continuous rain for several days next week, with heavy rain, thunderstorms, and strong gusts.

According to experts, greater rainfall areas will resurface in the northern and central areas of Guangxi. Flooding and geological risks are possible as a result of the high river water level and prolonged precipitation.

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