Papers from many universities in China, including well-known ones like Peking University, were exposed to be fake.

On Tuesday, October 25, National Natural Science Foundation of China released a report about the misconduct cases in 2022.

The report found that 52 papers have problems, such as ghostwriting, plagiarism and data falsification.

A notable point is that many cases involve top universities such as Peking University, Fudan University, Nankai University, Shanghai Jiaotong University. 

In 2020, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology found 9 cases of fraudulent papers. This time it involves famous medical universities and institutions like China Medical University and Shandong University. 

The issue of paper fraud in China has fallen under the spotlight of various international groups.

For example, in May, said that Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) had taken down all at once 323 papers from its database. The data were allegedly generated by computers or were made up.

Most authors of these 323 papers were from China. Their research was done at Beijing-certified top universities, called the “Double First-Class Universities,” such as East China University of Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, Chengdu University of Technology.
In 2021, the academic journal “Nature” said that the number of papers from Chinese hospitals had increased 50-fold in the past 20 years. But along with it, fraud had also become “industrialized.”

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