After the bloody forced abortions that led to a population crisis, the Chinese government is now tending to forced pregnancies. The Internet has it that the local authority regularly calls newlyweds to “press” them to get pregnant as soon as possible.

The British newspaper “The Telegraph” reported that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had launched a “secretive campaign” to save the falling birth rate, one of the campaign tactics was calling newlyweds “to urge” them to get pregnant as soon as possible.

On October 27, a Weibo user posted that a newly-married colleague of his received a call from the government health department based in Nanjing, Jiangsu province asking when she plans to get pregnant. They said they could provide her with “pregnancy knowledge,” etc., adding that it is required by the department to call the newlywed couples every quarter with the aim of “hoping that the newlyweds will have a successful pregnancy within a year.”

At first, the colleague thought it was a call from the local epidemic prevention and control department, but after talking for a while, she realized that it was all about urging her to get pregnant, which scared her even more. 

Later, thousands of netizens shared that they had also received similar calls.

According to Newtalk, a female netizen wrote, “The women’s health center in my area is very dedicated, calls me once a month to ask if I am pregnant.” She asked: “Is this a disguised request for me to have children? They are even more urgent than my mother!”

Another woman said she got married last August and has received two calls from local authorities.

NTD reported that the policies of the CCP are often coercive, which triggers fear in the public. CCP officials call individuals directly, inevitably creating enormous psychological pressure on individuals. Some netizens said that they are starting to prepare for pregnancy after receiving such calls.

In past decades the CCP enforced a one-child policy and used forced abortions and other means to control the population, which has been accused of a bloody massacre. This policy has led to China’s population imbalance and population crisis. In recent years, China’s birth rate has fallen sharply year after year. Thus the CCP’s policy took a 180-degree turn, began to allow free birth, and used all sorts of weird methods to promote birth.

Many netizens are worried that the CCP will begin to force childbirth like it used to force an abortion. Today’s calls to “birth” by local authorities seem to indicate this trend.

According to NTD, before the CCP implemented family planning to limit the population, Mao Zedong believed in the Soviet theory that “the more people, the greater the power.” He thus encouraged childbearing, ordered restrictions on contraception and abortion, and used administrative means to force people to have more children. This policy once caused China’s population to explode.

Currently, China’s economy continues to decline, and along with the high cost of child care, the willingness of people to have children continues to decrease. Experts say that no matter how the CCP “encourages” having children, it is difficult to get results.

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