Because of the COVID pandemic, parts of Tibet controlled by China have been under lockdown for more than 40 days. The government censors most of the local people’s calls for help. But videos and images inside the lockdown region have still leaked into the internet, showing the actual reality.

Forceful quarantine

As usual, the infamous anti-epidemic workers, more commonly called Dabai in Chinese, have adopted a ruthless attitude and forced the Tibetan people to move to a different place for “quarantine.”

In the video, the COVID workers are seen beating and kicking the Tibetans at every turn, forcing them onto the bus and driving away. There were sometimes screams of anger and tears from the streets and alleys. 

After these COVID workers hurt some Tibetans, they posted videos and pictures of their injuries on social media outside China. It made overseas viewers very worried about how bad things were for Tibetans.

This internet video shows Tibetans are forced to line up to get on the quarantine bus. They bring their quilts and other daily items on their backs and wait to be sent to the so-called “square cabin hospital” for isolation. 

A body with unknown cause of death was lying on the car.

Dawa Tsering is the director of the Tibetan Policy Research Center of the Tibetan government-in-exile. In a recording she gave to Radio Free Asia, a Tibetan mother swears in grief when she is about to be forcibly separated from her one-year-old baby. 

She said: “I would rather die than be separated from my child. If anyone wants to take the baby away. Get ready to take my body along!”

Dawa Cairen also found out that many Tibetans have a “green status” health code, which means they are not sick. So the regime might have artificially created a mass infection.

Dawa Tsering told Radio Free Asia that many of the so-called makeshift hospitals in Tibet are unfinished buildings or tents set up in the ice and snow. Tibetans are locked up there, and there is no food or good hygiene. Tibetans hope the regime will let them go home because they are cold and hungry. 

Fatal quarantine conditions

A Twitter user shared a video. He wrote, “On September 15, the entire village in Lhasa, Tibet, was put into quarantine and emptied. In the concentration camp, there was no food to eat and nothing to grab, starving.” 

On Twitter, another short video shows rows of blue tents set up in the ice and snow. The tents look very thin against the icy backdrop. 

Another Twitter user posted a video showing a holistic view of the quarantine area in the snowy mountain range.

The Twitter post reads: “In the humanitarian disaster in Tibet, the CCP set up shelters in the snow at an altitude of 4,800 meters. Is this to freeze the Tibetans to death?”

Heavy censorship 

In a video posted by Twitter user “SakarTashi,” a Tibetan woman said that she and many other Tibetans had been detained in Lhasa for more than 40 days. She also noted that when Tibetans post about their problems online to get attention, the police threaten them, beat them, or say they are “illegally spreading rumors.”

“Don’t tell me I’m going to die of hunger here and I can not let others know it. How dare you threaten me? Want to arrest me? Who gives you this authority?” 

The Tibetan woman showed the police officer her selfie camera and asked, “I’m walking, I’m in line there, I’m seeing everything, I take selfies and post them online. Am I doing something wrong?” What are you going to do to me?”

She asked all innocent Tibetans who had been scared or threatened by the police to record what happened and file a complaint. 

She said, “So many Tibetans have gone missing or are being held in jail without a warrant. This is how we have to take care of each other. What if I never come back?”

“If I go missing and get killed because of complaints, the governor of the autonomous region, the governor, and the secretary will all be held responsible. The Director of Public Security will also be held responsible.”

A Tibetan girl said, “China’s legal institutions don’t protect people’s lives and property, and when faced with the big problems of the epidemic, they don’t solve the problems and act like tigers.”

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