On August 28, Tibet accounted for 570 new COVID infections out of a total of nearly 1,300 cases throughout China. More than 100 officials in Tibet have been dismissed or reprimanded this month for failing to control the COVID spread.

Although the number of infections may seem insignificant compared to other countries, such numbers are considered large outbreaks under China’s zero-COVID policy.

According to Tibet Daily, 22 officials in Tibet’s capital, Lhasa, faced disciplinary action for negligence in controlling the coronavirus last week, five of them were fired, and the rest were given warnings.

In the southwestern Tibetan city of Xigaze, where the outbreak began, 77 officials faced disciplinary action, and ten lost their jobs for neglecting their duties in the fight against COVID-19 this month. Meanwhile, dozens of other officials have been promoted for “excellent performance.”

Previously in Hainan, the popular tropical resort island of China, authorities imposed sudden lockdowns, suspending trains and flights, leaving tens of thousands of tourists stranded. The city’s committee sentenced six officials.

In addition, Hainan’s Sanya has become a nightmare for some 80,000 tourists trapped in their hotels when the government imposed a sudden blockade on August 6 to prevent an outbreak of the disease.

According to SCMP, Alfred Wu, an associate professor of Public Policy, the Chinese communist regime’s harsh measures show that zero-COVID remains a top priority on the agenda.

He said, “The large-scale punishment is a very clear reminder to local officials in China on what is the overriding priority right now. Allowing foreign students and businessmen to re-enter China [represents] just technical or tactical adjustments. Zero-Covid is still the most important, non-negotiable job domestically.”

“Dishing out stern punishments is also one way for provincial or regional party chiefs to show their loyalty to Xi as it shows they are very serious about zero-Covid.”

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