The capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa has been locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic for over 70 days. On the evening of October 26, a large number gathered on the streets of Lhasa to protest. Authorities mobilized a large police force to take control of the situation according to RFA.

According to the source, because so many people gathered to protest, it could lead to violent clashes with police and dangerous situations such as shootings.

The source also said that the main reason for the protests was that people were having difficulty purchasing food and daily necessities. Some have threatened to set themselves on fire if pandemic controls are not eased. After the CCP’s 20th National Congress on October 23, officials were quoted in the Tibet Daily that the lockdown regulations would be eased, but locals don’t believe it since many people are still being sent to quarantine.

In a video posted on Twitter on October 27, a large number of people can be seen gathered on a narrow street,. People’s frustration bubbled over and some people shouted “Revolt!”Someone said, “Participating in the protest, there were also many Han people who work in Lhasa, they protested to return to China.”

Another video from VOA’s Tibetan website also shows protesters clashing with police in white protective suits.

After months of lockdowns the Chinese have had it. Other than this large-scale protest, personal resistance is also emerging. In a video, an angry person is seen throwing a brick at the window of a police car, while in another video, a truck driver is deliberately crashing into two police cars to vent his anger.

Twitter account SakarTashi posted a video and added, “On the evening of October 26, many Chinese in Lhasa were dissatisfied with the lockdown for more than 70 days, so they protested and rioted. Clashes broke out between police and protesters. There are reports that this activity also includes indigenous Tibetans (from VOA’s Tibetan website).”

On this issue, Vision Times quoted some netizens.

One said, “Overthrow the tyrannical rulers! Realize democracy and freedom!”

Another pointed out, “Nucleic acid testing is a tool to enslave the Chinese people, and has nothing to do with eradicating COVID-19.”

One more commented, “Only by overthrowing the totalitarian government can we live in peace.”

Lhasa has been locked down for over 70 days leaving people in a desperate situation.

A video posted by Twitter account @calichan02 on October 24 shows a man saying he has been detained here for more than 70 days. He strenuously complained to the quarantine officer wearing white protective suit, “We can’t go anywhere. Now we can’t take it anymore. My parents are getting sick.”

Twitter account Pursue posted a video on October 20 showing a man in Lhasa holding a knife to his neck while talking angrily with a quarantine officer, “If it continues like this, the only way is to commit suicide.”

The people’s resistance is not in vain

Recently COVID-19 broke out at Inner Mongolia University of Technology, but the university covered the news and contained the pandemic poorly. In a video, a student reprimanded the school board, “I ask for a comforter, but by morning we still didn’t get one, it’s only 4℃ (39°F) in our room, and you are still indifferent, without conscience, are you worthy of the parents who gave birth to you?”

Sound of Hope said that a day after this video went viral, Sun Shaocheng, secretary of the CCP’s Inner Mongolia Party Committee, visited the university and asked to arrange for college students to go home. Thereby showing that resistance can save you.

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