To comply with China’s zero-COVID policy, the Tibetan capital of Lhasa has been placed under lockdown for nearly 40 days. Many chaos during the city lockdown has been frequently exposed on the Internet, sparking the public’s outrage. 

According to the South China Morning Post, last Saturday evening, September 17, the authorities of Lhasa apologized for various chaos caused by the city’s lockdown.

The action came after residents complained about food shortages and poor hospital and quarantine patient care, among other problems.

In the current outbreak, the city of 860,000 people has reported more than 560 confirmed cases, including four on Saturday. But far more asymptomatic ones.

The outbreak began in early August and put the whole city under lockdown. Many residents in Lhasa then vented their anger on social media regarding the handling of the outbreak.

Several videos and pictures posted on social media apparently show poor conditions in these so-called quarantine sites. 

Some pictures seemed to be in an unfinished apartment complex with cement floors and walls.

In other videos, it can be seen that people are sleeping on the ground or in crowded facilities in poor conditions.

The recent video uploaded on Twitter shows that on September 15, people in a village in Lhasa were all sent to quarantine.
In the middle of the night, the elderly and children had to line up to enter the quarantine site. It’s worth mentioning that the weather at night in Tibet was so cold.

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