Tianjin upgraded its prevention and control of epidemics. The authorities set a goal on May 27 to inspect as much as possible, forbid leaving a household, and not miss a person.

Recently, netizens shared a video showing nucleic acid collection chaos that occurred in Hebei District, Tianjin, causing people frustration.

As shown in the video, there are many unwrapped test swabs on the table where the nucleic acid samples are collected.

The woman in the video asks the medical staff why the cotton swab package was open before taking the nucleic acid test. She disagrees with doing the test using that swab package.

Staff ignored her question and interrupted, saying [quote] “What’s the matter with you?” [end quote]

The medical staff said that the community unwrapped the swabs and told her to go to the community.

Another video showed the woman arriving at community headquarters in Hebei District, Tianjin, to seek an explanation.

A red coat worker loudly told the woman that the doctor said it was okay to unwrap it four hours in advance. The officer also threatened to sue her if she posted the video.

Several other workers in red coats also condemned the woman, and the room descended into chaos. Some even held up their mobile phones to videotape her. Then, they pushed her outside and closed the office door.

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