China’s week-long 20th Party Congress wrapped up on October 22 in Beijing. However, Tiananmen Square is still tightly guarded.

During a bus ride across Tiananmen Square, a netizen from Beijing captured a video showing the square as well-guarded and empty. Except for the on-duty police, there were hardly any pedestrians evident. Several policemen and security guards appeared on the bus.

One netizen commented, “What are you afraid of?”

Another video uploaded on October 21 shows that there were no passengers at the T3 terminal of Beijing Capital Airport.

After China’s National Holiday earlier this month, the Beijing airport was empty on October 8, with no one in sight.

On October 8, a video posted to YouTube showed Tiananmen Square in Beijing to be empty. There is not a single bicycle or pedestrian in sight.

In Beijing, many prevention and control measures have been strengthened to maintain stability before and after China’s 20th Party Congress.

Last month, the Chinese capital enacted a ban on drones and low-altitude flights above the city.
Authorities installed several defense lines around Beijing to prevent petitioners from entering Beijing for 40 days.

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