On June 18,  China News commented on the strange fire and explosion at the Shanghai Jinshan petrochemical complex in the early morning. The video shows three remote locations burning at the same time. After the explosions, images of Kim Son residents fleeing by car were posted online.

On June 19, Sound of Hope also had an article: “About the Shanghai petrochemical explosion: Netizens warn early: City lockdown causes disaster.”

According to local media, the windows and doors of surrounding businesses were shattered, and residents’ homes in the vicinity were shaken. A pungent smell invaded the surroundings, and people rushed to escape, creating a severe traffic jam,

According to Finance China, the scene of a fierce fire, billowing black toxic smoke hundreds of meters high, quickly obscured the sky. In many live videos online, netizens expressed that they heard a terrifying explosion.

The account @walkatnight1 tweeted: “At around 4:00 am on June 18, 2022, an explosion occurred at the ethylene glycol plant area of ​​the Shanghai Petrochemical complex and the fireball shot straight into the sky.”

Twitter user @GaoFalin posted a video of the explosion with the tweet: “Today (June 18) at 4:30 am local time, a huge explosion occurred at Shanghai Petrochemical corporation, followed by raging fires and thick smoke covering the sky. A drone filmed from the air and showed three locations on fire.

Shanghai Petrochemical Company was established on June 18, 1972. Yesterday, they held a large meeting to celebrate their 50th anniversary.”

According to the official Weibo of Shanghai Petrochemical Online, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd announced that at around 4 am on June 18, a fire broke out at the ethylene glycol plant of the Shanghai Petrochemical complex.

NTDTV quoted a video posted by netizens on Twitter @yunyunfengfeng showing that three locations far apart in the petrochemical plant area caught fire simultaneously. Netizens expressed that this incident was bizarre.

Was the explosion an act of arson to cover up the truth or a riot?

According to NTDTV, some people doubted whether the fire was an act of arson to cover something up.

Some local netizens also suspect that the explosion at the petrochemical plant could be a secondary disaster due to the long-term city lockdown.

Shanghai was closed for two months, and many factories were forced to close. They rushed to work after the city lifted the lockdown.

A screenshot from the Internet shows that on May 30, some netizens issued a warning that, after the outbreak, the chemical plant had to be closed, and the equipment’s once-a-year maintenance was delayed for two months due to the city lockdown.

The account @zhaoworld posted a video of the explosion with the tweet: “Three fires in Shanghai at once! Is it a riot?”

In this regard, the Sound of Hope published an article titled: “About Shanghai Petrochemical Explosion: Netizens’ Early Warning: City Lockdown Caused Disaster.”

The outlet quoted a netizen with an IP address in Shanghai who responded to the above screenshot on Weibo, “The factory also has equipment that needs maintenance but is delayed. This situation is not the only case in the chemical industry.”

China News reported that, after the explosion, a pungent smell from the petrochemical plant was present for many kilometers. Official reports said there was one death and one minor injury, and the surrounding air and rivers were “unpolluted.”

According to Finance China, Shanghai districts’ observed data from the departments of environment and ecology shows that the air quality has returned to normal; sewage and rainwater pipes in this area have been closed, and no water pollution has been detected in the surrounding rivers.

However, NTDTV said CCP officials have always been known to cover up disasters. The city’s two-month shutdown to “maintain stability” further eroded the credibility of the Shanghai government.

According to Epoch Times, on June 18, the explosion and fire of Shanghai Petrochemical Company quickly entered the hot search list. The official announcements only mentioned “fire occurred,” which sparked much criticism from netizens.

The news agency quoted netizen “Tonybear1124” as saying: “It can’t be a fire, but an explosion. Houses a few kilometers away were shaking, lights swaying. I thought it was an earthquake or an air strike.”

Netizen -Lvzi- said: “Obviously it was an explosion. It was not far from my house, exploding until my door was shaken and it was about to break.”

After the violent aftershocks from the explosion, Shanghai Petrochemical’s official Weibo account said that only one employee of the Shanghai Petrochemical Company had a slight scratch on his arm, and one truck driver died. The specific cause of the explosion is under investigation.

However, Sound of Hope quoted Twitter account @heanquan with a video of the explosion saying: “At 4:00 am on June 18 Shanghai time, a large explosion occurred at Jinshan chemical factory. Officials say six people died.”

NTDTV reposted images posted online showing that, after the explosion, many people rushed out of their homes. 

Weibo account Tonybear1124 said: “All the cars were going north, only the fire truck and chemical factory workers in uniform were walking towards the place of the explosion. The fire was so big that I can’t imagine what the inside would be like. I hope they’re all fine, and the kids taking their exams won’t be affected.”

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