Chinese automobile maker Guangqi Honda is facing public backlash over an extension plan for its factory in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province.

Chinese media reported on May 17 that thousands of citizens believe the renewed facility will be too close to the residential area. They were worried that it would cause air, groundwater, noise, and other pollution in the surrounding communities.

In a screenshot provided by the outlet, residents said the project has many environmentally sensitive points.

The complaint was filed to the board of the secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee last April. But resident Zhou Haibo said many complaints had been filed since the company issued its plan to the public.

The factory’s new southern border is about 40 meters (134 feet) away from Yantian Village. It is less than 100 meters (328 feet) away from Bi Village and Bi Village Apartments in the west and R&F New Town in the southwest.

The house owners were also doubtful of the environmental data released by the company, also called GAC Honda. They said there are inconsistencies in the data around Volatile Organic Compound emissions and groundwater pollution caused by industrial wastewater discharge.

Resident Li Wentao told that the factory is too close to the residential area. There are schools and kindergartens nearby, and the site where the factory parks new cars is less than 20 meters (66 feet) away from the kindergarten.

Resident Sujuan said the developer said that the land would be converted into a park in the future when they were purchasing a house there. Sujuan said they wouldn’t have bought the property if they had known a factory was going to be built close by.

Resident Zhou Haibo said despite complaints from the public, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment approved GAC-Honda’s expansion project last June. Zhou said residents have continued to try to communicate with some departments about the project but to no avail.

Da Ji Yuan reported that the homeowners of R&F New Town sued the Guangzhou Development Zone Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau and the Guangzhou Development Zone Management Committee in March of this year. They claimed that the departments disregarded public opinion and breached regulations.

According to Bia News, a person from the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Guangzhou Development District confirmed that the department approved the project. They said relevant complaints from residents were received, which are currently being processed, but gave no further information.

A person from GAC Honda said the company had received information about the complaints. They will comment at a later date.

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