After the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, epidemics continued to break out across China. In addition to Zhengzhou in Henan and Wuhan in Hubei, the pandemic broke out in middle school in Xingtai City, Hebei Province. The school’s irresponsible work led thousands of parents to the Renze authorities to demand justice, but the police suppressed them, and a conflict broke out between the two sides.

According to the Epoch Times, recently, there was information about an outbreak at junior high school No. 2, Renze district, Xingtai city, Hebei province. The school moved students to a quarantine site without notifying their parents, causing them to be worried and dissatisfied, so they went to the district administration to ask for an explanation. Around two thousand three hundred parents gathered at the scene. Officials immediately dispatched many police to maintain stability and control the people. A parent told the newspaper that on November 2, her child was studying at Renze No. 2 Middle School. There are 48 classes, with about 50 students in each class. All the children in her child’s class had been moved, and the other classes didn’t know where they were.

She said: “It was not until the evening of October 29 that we learned that the children were transferred from the high school No.2, nor did we know where they were transferred. The school also did not notify the parents, it was all based on the parents’ speculation and word of mouth.”

According to this video, many policemen were in front of the gate of the district authorities. Then, parents and police had a scuffle; police surrounded many parents, pushed them to the ground, and some parents cried. Finally, after a lot of struggle, a female parent was forced to lie on a stretcher bed by many police and anti-epidemic staff, her hands were restrained, and she was pushed into an ambulance.

Another video shows some parents surrounded by police and pushed to the ground. The video sound also captured the screams of parents at the scene.

The Vision Times quoted a parent involved in the incident saying: “Starting from October 21, the children were locked in the dormitory and were not allowed to go out. The school also did not notify the parents. We did not know. I thought it was safe to stay in school, it would be fine. But the school did not take any action and did not notify parents that the students from Middle School No. 2 had been transferred to another school. The teacher also did not inform the children why they had to be moved, isolated or treated separately, and the school did not notify the parents.” She believes if the authorities were willing to discuss the situation with parents, it would not have led to conflict.

This parent added, “If school leaders, education departments and teachers tell parents that their children have a problem, or send them to isolation, explain clearly; then parents will cooperate. But, we don’t know what the school is hiding, whether the children are infected and in dangerous situation, we don’t know anything.”

Some netizens also posted on Weibo, “It’s not that the parents of Renze District No. 2 Junior High School intentionally caused trouble during the pandemic, but they want their children to receive medical treatment with a good isolation environment. Therefore, upper management should be the first to solve the problem instead of blindly suppressing it.”

Some parents said that the isolation conditions of the students were deplorable. Many students live in one room, even sleeping on the floor, using chairs to make simple toilets. Feces are stored in black nylon bags, piling up next to them.
Some trapped students revealed: “The teachers locked the dormitory door, and said it was for our own good, but we were really scared.” However, after the related news came out, it was deleted.

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