After enduring difficult living conditions for many days because of the blockade order, those who want to leave Shanghai face a new difficulty.

According to Appolo News, after living in complete isolation from the outside world for 75 days in Shanghai, a female university student returned to Chengdu. However, she was isolated again at the request of the Chengdu authorities. She had to pay a fee during the quarantine period of 500 yuan (75 dollars) per day.

The Shanghai government announced the lifting of the city blockade in three phases. But, in the first phase, the people still suffer from strict control, triggering a wave of fleeing from Shanghai.

Apollo News said people have difficulty buying tickets to return to their hometown.

Many people can only buy tickets to a destination outside of Shanghai and, from there, buy tickets to return to their hometown.

However, they continue to face difficulties because authorities at the intermediate stations do not want them to leave for fear that they will spread the disease to the local people.

These people can take months to return to their homes because they will have to be isolated in every place they go for at least 14 days.

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