The local health unit said Guangzhou is facing its most serious situation in three years. Chinese health authorities said the local infections soared by nearly 7,500 on November 7; Guangzhou reported one-third of the new cases.

Guangzhou’s Haizhu district has implemented a lockdown or static management. People are working from home, and many schools and public transportation have been closed since the morning of November 5. Traffic and services are almost at a standstill.

People are not allowed to leave their homes unless necessary. If candidates for school exams cannot submit their  COVID results, they can only wait until next year to take the exam they need.

 According to official data, 34,000 people have been transferred to quarantine.

Many people who did not want to be locked at home rushed out of Guangzhou the night before the lockdown.

The authorities announced that they would resolutely implement their policy despite public discontent.

Xue Qiang (anonymous), a resident of Baiyun District, talked to a Chinese media reporter about the situation. His testimony has been translated from Chinese.

He said, “It is closed and isolated everywhere. If there is a positive case in a community, nucleic acid tests are required for everyone. It was reported in the WeChat group that there was no food or medicine at the quarantine point… some have been moved to psychiatric hospitals, and some locked in public toilets. Guangzhou is a mess. Everyone thinks it’s ridiculous what happened in the Cultural Revolution. People in the future will definitely think this is ridiculous when they look back at what is happening now.”

Xue added that too many disasters occurred due to the anti-pandemic policies. Some people have jumped off buildings, and some have died because they did not receive treatment for basic diseases. Only companies that produce test kits and anti-epidemic enforcement machines profit from this, while the economy of the whole society collapses.

An Hua (anonymous), a restaurant owner in the Haizhu district of Guangzhou, told the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times, “…Now the restaurants are closed, and takeaway cannot be ordered. Many industries are at a standstill, especially the owners of small and medium-sized companies are anxious and helpless. It is said that this epidemic is the most serious in three years… I even don’t want to go out if I have nothing to do… (I might get) a yellow code, so (it will bring me) trouble.”

 Hua also said he sees tens of thousands of people taken in buses extended to the quarantine daily. People undergo the COVID tests despite the rain. Many people who have difficulty finding a job have to eat instant noodles daily.

The epidemic situation in Guangzhou is receiving significant attention from the public.

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