Chinese citizens are spreading much evidence of the Chinese police’s crackdown on protesters across the country over the internet. There is no information on the next direction of the Chinese authorities on this issue.

However, now it can be seen that security forces treat protesters roughly like criminals. Authorities use the law enforcement workforce to oppress and kidnap individuals indiscriminately. This action can only be compared with the scenes we often see in crime movies on television.

By midnight on November 27, Beijing was still not calm, a large number of people in the Liangmaqiao area still gathered on the street and refused to leave. They chanted slogans such as “We want human rights, we want freedom,” “We want democratic freedoms,” and passing vehicles honked their horns to support people at the scene.

Twitter user @whyyoutouzhele posted a video showing, at Changshu Road, Wuyuan, Shanghai, a woman was pulled into a police car by the police; she cried loudly while asking, “Why (arrest me)?”

According to Apollo News, an old man who witnessed the scene there said in remembrance, “We were like this more than 30 years ago.” He referred to the Tiananmen Square massacre, where young students were brutally repressed and killed when asking for democracy. 

On the streets of Wuhan, shop owners protested the lockdown order and asked authorities to lift it, and the people around also joined.

According to Twitter users, the local armed police launched the raid at midnight. Those present at the scene took pictures of the armed police arresting people and witnessed how the armed police beat those who were arrested.

The unlucky man was arrested on Jianghan Road in Wuhan. The police brutally suppressed him.

A video shows suspects being arrested at Liangma Bridge, Beijing, and crowds shouting to let them go.

Also, at Beijing Liangma Bridge, this man was unlucky not to have many people around to support him. He was taken away at 2:30

At the intersection of the Nie Er Bronze Statue in Shanghai, the police “arrested people indiscriminately” and forcibly dragged people out of their cars;

It is not difficult to see that the repression is escalating as the persecution continues incessantly in a tactic we can only see in authoritarian countries. The whole world is anxiously awaiting news from the Mainland about this unprecedented incident.

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