More and more people around the world are wondering why the Chinese communist regime insists on the incomprehensible “zero-COVID” campaign, which has plunged hundreds of millions of people into strict and painful quarantines. 

The dramatic stories never cease to sadden the lives of the Chinese. One of the most poignant stories came on October 31 in the city of Baoding, Hebei province.

There, a young father bravely tried to break through a quarantine barrier. He was looking to buy baby formula that his infant son “urgently” needed but was taken into custody by regime police, according to Secret China. 

The young man was carrying a kitchen knife when he got out of his car but he did not hurt anyone. Despite his and his son’s need, he was arrested by numerous police officers. 

An article published in Beijing describes, “a dozen special policemen waited for him at a checkpoint, put him in shackles, ordered him to put on his mask, sprayed his face and body with disinfectant, and left [with him].”

The case sparked outrage among netizens, and generated a barrage of negative comments aimed at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Among them, “The Communist Party and its hawks and dogs are not really human!”

Another netizen questioned the contradiction of the CCP, which tries to stimulate population growth, but does not allow parents to properly care for their baby who is hungry and needs food.  

One netizen asked, “[This is] A place that ignores the existence of babies so much and still wants to encourage people to have more children?”  

A never-ending social tragedy

The ordeal that hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens are going through has become a never-ending nightmare. Its psychological and emotional aftermath deeply scars many, including the youngest children. 

Well-known columnist and Shanghai resident Wei Zhou shared his impressions of the quarantine he experienced in Shanghai a few months ago through his WeChat blog with the title, “Every day I wake up and discover that it is the first day of the 14-day cycle.”

The title alludes to the fact that even though the lockout period is 14 days, for a residential compound, the elapsed quarantine period must return to zero every time someone tests positive. Thus, quarantines drag on indefinitely, and everyone’s nerves are frayed to the extreme. 

A May article in The Conversation comments, “As a result, residents find themselves in a world of Kafkaesque absurdity, potentially subject to the ire of their neighbors if they test positive, unsure about what happens next.”

It should be recalled that Shanghai, with its 26 million inhabitants, remained under strict quarantine for more than a month. Similarly, many cities continue to be subjected to the same draconian restrictions, with no other alternatives. 

The list of extreme situations suffered by the people in quarantine is very long. Among them are cases of those who return to their homes only to find that they cannot enter them.

Many drivers are trapped inside their trucks, some for weeks, as happened on the road between Chongqing and Shanghai, which should have taken only two days.

Also, children as young as 2 are separated from their parents and forced to stay in quarantine centers. Cases like this are not uncommon, as seen in the video provided by Twitter user @panguqianxun. 

In his tweet, he reported on November 3, “In Enshi, Hubei, kindergarten children were taken away and quarantined.”

Chinese dissatisfaction rises

Several researchers found that under Chinese rule in May, “As the social and economic costs rise, Chinese authorities are encountering more dissatisfaction and online criticism than at any time in the pandemic.”

It is noteworthy that police violence is one of the most repeated characteristics in their relations with the inhabitants, often under the protection of their numeric superiority. 

The following video summarizes this violent behavior, which necessarily incites the basic defense of the people, although it is important to consider that for many repression may also represent an intimidating terror. 

This other video is part of a message from Twitter user @iPaulCanada, who adds the message, “This is the real China.” 

As a result, discontent continues to grow, leading citizens to protest and even rebel against the oppressive controls, using force. 

Indeed, as shared by netizen, @xiaoxin11786630, “In Wuhan, some residents gathered and dismantled nucleic acid testing points. Harmful nucleic acid.”  

Moreover, hand-to-hand confrontations between citizens and CCP agents are not uncommon; this is seen in the message of Twitter user, @Anonymous_Wxyq, sent with a broad message, on November 1, “The people are not wrong, what is wrong is the government, it’s the Communist Party and the CCP! In the three years of the pandemic, people have suffered too many misfortunes and lost too many innocent lives!”

In closing, he wrote, “The political party has nothing to do with the nation or the state! This party tramples the people like slaves, at its whim!”

Even in places as remote and battered as Tibet, mass protests have broken out, which RFA media reported in a tweet, attaching a video, “EXCLUSIVE: Mass protests erupt in Lhasa, Tibet, amid coronavirus blockade.” 

Will the CCP change its ‘zero-COVID’ policy?

There is much speculation about whether the CCP will change the disastrous COVID policy, incomprehensible to many and discouraged by experts.  

For Hong Kong University virologist Jin Dongyan, such anti-pandemic measures are inadequate because they simply don’t work, as he put it on CNN, November 2, saying, “Using lockdown and containment measures to deal with an infectious disease with such a low mortality rate and high transmissibility is no longer appropriate. The whole world has abandoned this approach – nobody can stand the cost, it’s simply not working.” 

Moreover, Jin argues that all the efforts of the Chinese regime will prove futile in the end, according to his concepts, so he added, “But in the end, it won’t be able to stop such a highly infectious disease from spreading.”

For some analysts, the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy could have different objectives from those of public health, turning it, rather, into a strategy of population control, in the style of those used at the time of the Cultural Revolution.

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