An update on shows that up to Nov. 28, more than 405 million Chinese people announced their withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

Commenting on this, Thomas Cromwell, an expert on politics and international affairs, said that he thinks the withdrawal from the CCP movement is significant. Sooner or later, the Chinese people will give up communism.

Cromwell told Da Ji Yuan that hundreds of millions left the CCP because the regime failed to deliver on its promises. And what the CCP brings to the Chinese people is tyranny and oppression.

People want something else: they want freedom and the right to choose the life they want.

Cromwell also said that the CCP’s propaganda with Socialism with Chinese characteristics is Marxism, which is inherently destructive.

He points out that the destructive nature of Marxism can be seen in the persecution of human rights by the CCP, specifically the religious persecutions carried out by it.

The expert, who used to be a journalist and traveled through 130 countries, added that ethnic minorities, and religious groups, including Christians in China, must endure a lot of suffering because they do not accept communist ideology.

Cromwell believes that the CCP will eventually collapse, and what happened in the Soviet Union will happen in China.

Cromwell suggested that Western countries should support the Chinese people—not the CCP.

Besides, he said that the U.S. should not maintain normal relations with the CCP, as it is their enemy.

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