China’s rich are flocking to Japan through investment. The Wall Street Journal reported that in the first ten months of 2022, 2133 Chinese people came to Japan this way.

This number, compared to the number of Chinese who immigrated to Japan in the whole year of 2019, increased by 63.5%. This is the highest increase ever.

Amanda Wu, 62, is a rich Chinese person who immigrated to Japan. She said she was a former CEO of a state-owned company and became rich by investing in real estate.

Wu said the lockdown-based pandemic prevention policy was too harsh, and concerns about restricted freedoms in China, among other reasons, made her decide to immigrate to Japan.

Wang Qing, a Chinese businesswoman who has lived in Japan for nearly three decades, shares similar views with Wu.

Wang said that she talked to friends in China who wanted to move to Japan. She said that the Zero-Covid policy and the draconian policies of the Chinese government have driven the rich away.

Wang said, “Their human rights weren’t protected no matter how rich they were.”

Wu shared, “I can tell for sure that there is going to be a swarm of people traveling to Japan as long as China lifts the current border controls, either for a short-term stay or long-term immigration.”

The Wall Street Journal also adds the reasons why Japan is attractive to wealthy Chinese people. 

According to this journal, although Japanese people sometimes object to foreigners coming to live in their area, Chinese people still choose Japan because the country has attractive points, such as a low crime rate, clean air, and affordable prices.

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