On September 5, an earthquake magnitude 6.8 occurred in Luding County, Sichuan, causing a lot of damage.

Before, people were already worried about the possibility of an earthquake. They observed a ground fire caused by an underground natural gas leak. This is the wisdom of folk and traditional culture, but the Chinese Communist Party ignores it.

Since mid-August, temperatures in Sichuan and Chongqing have exceeded 40 C (104 F) degrees. According to netizens, in Chongqing , Luzhou , and Sichuan , underground natural gas was ignited by extreme heat. This caused wildfires to spread.

According to anecdotal reports and experience, the sudden leaks of underground natural gas may be due to stratum slippage, and earthquakes may occur.

Geng Qingguo , a seismologist, said that there must be a major earthquake after a major drought. Mandarin and Historical Records documented relevant theories.

For example, in the Zhou Dynasty, first three rivers dried up. Then a big earthquake happened. This earthquake is seen as a sign of the demise of the Zhou Dynasty.

Based on such unusual signs, people fear that there will be more severe earthquakes in the future.

Recently, an online video showed a strange scene of fish jumping out of the sea by Jingzhou City, Hubei province, on September 5. Jingzhou has also experienced high temperatures. People hope the authorities can treat the anomaly with caution. 

In addition, the earthquake happened right during the pandemic control period. People panicked because they couldn’t get outside.Many videos showed that residents tried to escape, but pandemic prevention personnel locked the iron doors of the buildings. People could not open the doors. They got stuck in the buildings.

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