While China’s senior officials cover the bad and highlight the good, former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin showed no finesse, even in social or diplomatic events. 

Professor Zhai Shanying of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences disclosed Jiang’s untold scandal on his Youtube channel. The talks aroused widespread attention and heated discussion.

Zhai Shanying mentioned when he met the former Chinese leader twice. 

The first story is about when Zhai himself was China’s Space Ministry secretary.

According to Zhai, the Ministry of Space was working on the “921 Project“, a manned spaceflight project at Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The vehicle was dangerous at the time because it was equipped with a nuclear warhead and fuel.

The nuclear missile has an area surrounding it to prevent people from getting close.

To everyone surprise, Jiang insisted on taking photos with the fuel-filled rocket. He rushed to the spacecraft, almost tumbling.

The professor said that the world would have a good laugh if the carrier rocket accidentally detonated and killed Jiang Zemin, who was photographing right next to it.

The second story is about Jiang losing his temper at a Beijing banquet.

After the successful launch of Shenzhou-1, a state banquet was open to celebrate.

Zhai said that in the middle of the party, Jiang Zemin stood up, shouted, and slapped the table. Everyone was stunned and didn’t know what was happening. Leaders of other countries went over to appease.

Zhai found out that Jiang Zemin’s nutritionist formulated strict dishes for Jiang. When the waiter served steak to others, he served Jiang vegetables. He became anxious, slapped the table, and was about to curse.

According to Zhai Shanying, young people tend to admire the nation’s leaders. The news about the Chinese regime’s top official being an irritating person crushed many hearts at the time.

Jiang’s disgraceful behavior was not the first nor the only one.

“If fate decides a person’s destiny, then it is also within the capacity of history’s design to arrange for a life to have shameful origins.”

According to the book “Anything for Power: The Real Story of China’s Jiang Zemin,” whoever worked with Jiang highlights contradictory characteristics, mainly Greed, Incompetence, Envy, Madness, and Rat gall.

Jiang Zemin combed his hair, sang and danced with Western leaders’ wives

In June 1996, Jiang visited Spain. The King invited Jiang to join him in reviewing the honor guard of the three armed forces. To Carlos’ surprise, Jiang took out a comb and combed his hair in front of the king.

At the welcome banquet, Jiang Zemin sat on the queen’s right side and combed his hair in front of the camera.

On June 25, Diario Nacional and many other newspapers published a news picture with a front page headline, “King Carlos watches Jiang Zemin combing his hair,” which spread worldwide.

Jiang Zemin’s combing his hair in front of cameras is not new. It included the speech at the Chinese National People’s Congress in 1993 in front of the “Century Treasure Ding.”

In 1999, Jiang Zemin visited a museum in France on a whim. He took Bernadette, the French President’s wife, and danced the waltz with her. The incident made the president very unhappy and considered it an embarrassment.

In 2000, Turkish President Demirel gave a medal to Jiang when he visited Turkey. As we all know, the host should be the one to put on the award on such an occasion. But Jiang Zemin picked up the medal and put it on himself, stunning the guests and hosts. It became the subject of diplomatic embarrassment in the Turkish capital.

Also, in 2000, during a dinner, Jiang Zemin danced with Laura, the first lady of the United States. After that, he danced with Rice, the U.S. National Security Adviser, and Sarah, the wife of the U.S. ambassador in Beijing.

In 2002, Jiang Zemin hosted a banquet in the Great Hall of the People to welcome U.S. President George Bush. Jiang sang the Italian song‘O Sole Mio” out of the blue in front of 100 guests. Jiang’s wife, Wang Yeping, looked embarrassed at the time.

Jiang Zemin’s wanton behavior during his official visits abroad exposed his lack of personal culture. As the leader of a nation rich in culture and history, he damaged his nation’s dignity.

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