Prices of solid-state drives (SSD) in China have dropped significantly, ranging between $85 and $170 (600 and 1,200 yuan). Some are priced as low as $16, or even much lower during the shopping festival.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this but recently, Kua Technology reported Chinese netizens have sparked heated discussions about a buyer, who prefers price over quality, regretted spending $11 to purchase a 256 GB SSD from a domestic e-commerce website.

In an online post, the Chinese owner wrote about his unforgettable experience. At first, he was so excited because he thought he had a bargain. But he doubted his good fortune and could not believe someone would ever want to sell a product like that for such a low price. So he decided to go ahead and take apart the storage drive to see what was really inside.

After disassembling the 256GB SSD, he was shocked and speechless to find four 64 GB SSDs sitting together nicely inside the storage box. So he immediately posted his unfortunate discovery online and warned everyone. 

Upon seeing his photos of the SSD that he had taken apart, some netizens mocked, “It is indeed an SSD as it has some SDs inside it.”

Other netizens claim that the total price of four 64GB SSD in reality are not cheap. On Chinese e-commerce websites, each 64GB SSD costs nearly $5.

So they believe that the manufacturer actually uses second hand products. Moreover, some netizens even pointed out that those four SSDs are just microSDs and not real SSDs.  

Regarding this incident, industry experts want to remind consumers to avoid buying from unknown brands, especially those with super low prices. Moreover, everyone should consider carefully when ordering SSDs from such online stores, especially during the year-end shopping season.

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