Rumors about the situation of 4 women in the Tangshan beating case

The beating of four women at a Tangshan barbecue restaurant, which shocked both in China and abroad, occurred more than a month ago. Although various natural and man-made disasters have continuously become the focus of China’s social media, diverting people’s attention, some netizens are still concerned about the situation of the four beaten women and asked the authorities to find out the truth of the incident.

Information about the victims’ current situation has not yet been revealed. Moreover, the four women have never appeared after the incident, causing speculation about the danger to their lives. However, the case was so terrible it caused a stir in public opinion about local gangsters’ barbarity and disregard for the law, as well as suspicions about their connection to the regime. Hence, the case is still very popular with Chinese people. But they can only follow it via unverified news online and can choose to believe it or not because no newspaper is covering the incident.

On July 19, rumors were circulating online that four women were thrown into a steel furnace after being raped and killed. There is also an audio recording showing the director of Tangshan Psychiatric Hospital, Shen Zhenming, loudly threatening netizens not to discuss on social media the beating at the Tangshan barbecue restaurant nor report the identities of those involved. He threatened that the central regime’s people and the central monitoring group were now in Tangshan and exaggerated that “now in Tangshan, not even a mosquito can get in.”

Screenshots of the netizen’s conversation revealed that, among the four beaten women, Lu Xuanlin, wearing gray clothes, was a waiter. She suffered a broken spine, smashed eyeball, and died after being taken to the hospital. Later, her father was also killed in an argument with the gangsters who assaulted the four women.

Li Qi, who was wearing a black dress, was from Hunan. After being beaten and raped, the gang threw her down from the second floor. At dawn the next day, environmental staff discovered her dead body while cleaning the toilet.

In the video, Liu Wei, wearing a white shirt, was a recent graduate of Leting No. 2 Middle School in Tangshan. After being beaten and raped, she lost her life.

Zhu Xiaozhen, the sister-in-law of Liu Wei from Yunnan Province, was two months pregnant. After Chen Jizhi of the gangster group cut her throat, she was killed by a car.

Screenshots of the conversation also reveal the relationship between the barbecue restaurant and the perpetrators. It shows that the owner of the barbecue restaurant, Wang Yajuan, is Chen Jizhi’s cousin. The restaurant was transferred to her by Chen Jizhi. It is said to be a “black restaurant” that provides information about beautiful women to gangsters and officials.

Other information shared by netizens also displays similar content.

The Lubei police department’s director was present at the scene?

In addition, Ma Aijun, deputy head of Lubei District of Tangshan City, party secretary, and director of the police department of Lubei Division, is in the same group as the criminals and is also believed to be among the rapists that night.

A video circulating on the Internet proved his presence at the scene.

The whistleblower said, except for the female owner and a couple who were advised to leave, those present at the scene of the incident were all from the same criminal group. It included two foreigners who came to gamble with Chen Jizhi and their translator.

The NetEase channel had previously reported about Chen Jizhi and his gang’s gambling.

According to the Chinese media channel “Third Eye,” there is information that Chen Jizhi has fled abroad.

The Epoch Times has compiled some information from netizens that after the four women were killed, they were thrown into a steel furnace not far distant.

Tangshan mental hospital director

The latest facility involved in the Tangshan incident is Tangshan No. 5 People’s Hospital.

Some netizens have shared an audio recording online, alleging that the director of Tangshan No. 5 People’s Hospital, Shen Zhenming, called some netizens and threatened them. He told them not to speak out online about the beating of the four women at the Tangshan barbecue restaurant nor report the real names of those involved.

In the recording, Shen Zhenming threatened that there were central regime’s people and the central monitoring team currently in Tangshan, and exaggerated that “now in Tangshan, even a mosquito can’t get in.”

The content of the recording shows Shen Zhenming arrogantly threatening: “I warn you, it is not allowed to post about Zhang Rong and the four women online in the future. If it’s still posted, no matter where you are in China, as long as you don’t go abroad, we can take you to Tangshan, take you to the fifth hospital (the mental hospital) and make it impossible for you to go out for the rest of your life, believe it? Tangshan has a lot of people, many of them are high-ranking officials of the central government, even if the central monitoring team comes, they are like dogs, they have to go around and look around until they get bored.”

Zhang Rong is mentioned in the recording as the person who reported the identity of those involved in the beating at the restaurant. She accused the gangsters of “smashing nursing homes, beating others, trespassing on property, etc., however, she was later arrested on charges of “making trouble and causing trouble”.

Chinese domestic media such as “Toutiao” on July 19 also reported on Shen Zhenming’s aggressiveness.

According to Zhihu, the 5th Hospital of Tangshan is a city-level psychiatric hospital directly under the Tangshan Health Department. It’s responsible for diagnosing and treating citizens’ mental and psychological disorders in Tangshan City. The hospital has also been awarded various honorary titles and is the largest psychiatric hospital in Tangshan.

Zhang Rong’s mother reported in a video that her 7-year-old daughter was raped while at school. She went to look for an explanation and was brutally beaten by the local police, then sent to a mental hospital, but she did not say which hospital in Tangshan.

Thus, the precedent of sending whistleblowers to a mental hospital is not the first in Tangshan, which partly corroborates Dr. Shen Zhenming’s threat.

Regarding this brutal assault incident, the Sound of Hope radio station quoted a netizen commenting: “Unbelievable, this gangster group has nothing to dare to do. Murdering or setting fires, to a common person, is a crime. But for some bad people, it’s just a joke.”

According to Sound of Hope, some analysts argue that whether the Tangshan beating case can be ended depends on two conditions: First, whether people can continue to maintain a high level of focus on the incident. Second, how far has the power struggle in the local authority progressed. However, the analysis also shows that China, under the rule of the CCP, even using the blood and lives of ordinary people cannot return a little progress in society, but only stricter nets and tighter control of public opinion.

However, some netizens think that as long as the four women have not appeared, they will never stand by and watch, because this is a struggle between justice and evil.

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