Outstanding students often receive stationery for their academic achievements. Recently, a school gave raw pork to students to motivate students. The action then caused some controversy.

According to Chinese media, Apollo, a Sichuan school, reportedly gave pork to students at the awards ceremony. It can be seen from the photos that pork was put on the stainless steel table. With students queuing in order, the school leader awarded pork to them. The students came to the stage to take group photos together. 

Yet, with the pork strings in their hands, another photo shows students seeming unhappy with their prize. This became the highlight of the incident. The scene was quite embarrassing.

Online debates have been triggered by the school’s decision to give raw pork instead of certificates to recognize students’ achievements.

“Pork, who came up with it”

“The student’s expression says it all”

“To be honest, pork is not attractive to students at all, if it were me, I would not want to study.”

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