The Chinese Communist Party’s measures to wipe out the virus have caused growing public discontent. The director of a state-owned enterprise in Chengdu couldn’t take it anymore and took extreme measures to protest against the Party. When community management and police arrived at his door, he refused top take the test, threatening people with a knife. The related video has sparked heated discussions on the internet.

Tencent said that from September 1 to 4, Chengdu required all residents of the city to “stay where you are” and everyone must take a PCR test from midnight on September 4 to end of day on September 9.

Video of a man threatening the officials with a knife, was praised by netizens but has been deleted

Sound Of Hope said that, on September 4, a Weibo user “Xu Frame” posted a video of more than 4 minutes showing a man holding a meat cleaver while talking to the Community Management Board and a policeman at his front door. According to the dialogue in the video, the man is holding a knife because he is afraid that people standing at his door will force their way in. The man took the knife and said, “Please ask the staff to come and get a sample from me, I won’t go out.” “I went down a while ago, you told me that I did not wear a mask (so that I couldn’t go out).”

An official then replied, “Hey man, you can’t do that.”

As the dialogue continues the man at the door tries to stand up for his personal privacy but the official push back that the whole city has to be tested. It’s not just about him.

They go back and forth for a while but in the end the man was taken away by the special police.

The video has caused heated discussion among netizens. One person said, “He’s very brave and has done what a lot of people wouldn’t dare to do.”

The video attracted 608,000 viewers in a short period of time, according to The Epoch Times, however, the related articles have now been deleted.

Citizens: Too much PCR testing fuels discontent

Some netizens revealed that the man with the knife who threatened the government and the police worked in the City Party Organization Department of Shudao Group’s headquarters, now known as the Strategic Planning Department. This man appeared in the 2018 event of the Beijing University Alumni Association, Sichuan.

The Epoch Times  reporter called the headquarters of Shudao Group on the morning of September 6 and received an answer that the emergency was unclear, so they refused to transfer the call to the relevant department.

Zeng, a citizen of Chengdu, told The Epoch Times on September 6 that he had seen the video and explained that the man had gone downstairs to take the test but was not wearing a mask so the medical staff wouldn’t take a sample from him and there was an argument. Tang said that, in fact, it was excessive PCR testing, which made people extremely angry.

Zeng used an example, from a community more than 300 feet from his house. the Community Management Board used loudspeakers to call residents to come and get a PCR test. Sometimes they shouted for hours and actually shouted people’s names.

In addition, in some communities, such as the Huaxi community, people are not allowed to go out to buy necessities, which also causes a lot of angst, Zeng added.

He said: “These cadres use the excuse of serving the people and they do bad things. They do all kinds of things, the people are very angry but can’t do anything. Yesterday there was an earthquake and they were too much.”

Earthquake survivors criticize government inhumane

On the afternoon of September 5, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Lude County, Sichuan Province, China, killing many people. When high-rise buildings in Chengdu shook violently, pandemic prevention workers still blocked the exits, and then later used loudspeakers to ask people to quickly return home.

Yang, a citizen of Chengdu, told The Epoch Times on September 6 that her dining table shook during dinner yesterday and the bench also shook. Many people locked in their homes were very scared.

She said, “Yesterday, I visited a few houses in the community. An old woman and her husband were locked in their home for a week, and every day they had negative PCR test results. Not only did the authorities not lift the ban, but also set an alarm on the door” (the bell will ring when the door of a house is opened).

She added that an old woman said that the steamed buns at her house had already been eaten, and there was no food left, but the authorities still sealed her house.

Yang said that she visited a few houses, and they all said that when the earthquake came, they might have died because they were not allowed to leave the house.

Yang criticized that this government as simply inhumane. She wanted to know how could they do things like this? If an earthquake comes, everyone locked in the house will die. If so, what’s the point of this prevention and control? The government is inhumane.

Zeng said that the earthquake on September 5 was very strong and the community management had locked the door to prevent residents from escaping.

He concluded, “Those communities (the personnel) are simply a kind of unethical, very rigid slave. The 20th National Congress is approaching, everywhere the bureaucracy is just competing in performance, regardless of the lives of ordinary people.”

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