China’s netizens captured a rare scene of the sky in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, at around 8 pm on May 7. The sky suddenly turned a terrifying blood red, attracting heated comments from netizens.

The first explanation comes from an old Chinese saying, “When there is a vision in the sky, there will be evil spirits.” The ancients believed that the abnormal phenomenon in the sky corresponded to misfortune or bad luck for people.

Therefore, many mainland netizens think that the horrible blood-red sky is an ominous sign, warning people of the incoming catastrophe.

The first possible disaster could be an earthquake. However, this possibility can be ruled out. According to mainland media reports, an earthquake ground light often appears in the first ten seconds or along with the earthquake, but the Zhoushan sky was dyed red for a long time.

Some people wonder whether this phenomenon is related to a solar storm. Although solar storms are a possible cause of the red auroras, an expert from the China University of Geosciences has denied this scenario. Through research and analysis of the sun and geomagnetic activity, experts show no significant solar activity on May 7. Besides, the geomagnetic activity tends to be stable. Hence, auroral formation is unlikely to happen.

The local meteorological observatory announced the yellow warning signals for heavy fog on the same day. Many people attribute the blood-red sky to foggy weather.

Nevertheless, the underlying reason the sky turned red is inseparable from the light source. It was already 8 pm, and the sun had set. Where did the light source come from?

The local meteorological department staff responded that the light source might come from the port ships.

These lights are not necessarily red, but when the light is refracted, it is scattered through the fog. The penetrating power of blue light or violet light does not easily enter the human eye, while that of red light can. Thus, people can see the sky as blood-red.

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