According to NTD, Yang Xiao is a former Dabai man, he is from Tongxu County, Kaifeng, Henan. Dabai, or Big White, refers to volunteers wearing white personal protective suits, who work with authorities during lockdown. One time, he found the employment agency was recruiting Dabai, so he applied and worked as Dabai until the lockdown was lifted. He said that Dabai’s life during Shanghai’s lockdown was very hard.

Yang shared he used to work in Pudong for two months. There was no day or night off, from 7:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M. Although he worked almost all day and night, he only had two meals a day on the street. His salary was not high,  only two or three hundred yuan a day (30 to 45 dollars), while the price for to-go food was very expensive.

He added, there was no food in the morning. It was still cold and raining at that time. The tent for Dabai collapsed when it rained. Almost smashed him to death inside, and finally had no choice, he had to hide in the aisle of the residents.

On May 22, the authorities announced that the lockdown would be gradually lifted, and he was taken to the isolation site in Tang Lane, Kangqiao Ecological Garden. But the site housed the beds next to each other, more than a hundred people shared two toilets, and the conditions were extremely poor.

After three months of bitterness, Yang thought that he could finally go home after the lockdown was lifted.

At that time, the lawn near Hongqiao Railway Station and everywhere under the bridge were full of people waiting to go home. He waited six days at Hongqiao Station to get a ticket.

Yang Xiao spent 5,000 to 6,000 yuan (nearly 745 to 900 US dollars) on the journey home. He also had to pay the cost of isolation, and all the money he earned in Shanghai was spent.

Recently, Chinese entrepreneur Zhou Hang publicly criticized “zero-Covid”. He said, “If we still choose to adapt and endure, in the end, everyone’s fate will be the same, and there is no escape.”

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