The fact that anti-Xi banners at Sitong Bridge, Beijing appeared on major international media sites, and the news continues to spread silently in China, is causing the CCP to fear that it will lose control. The person involved in the incident, Peng Zaizhou, was arrested at the bridge on ​​October 13, but when his identity was revealed on October 16, it got people excited.

On October 16, Peng’s Twitter account posted a passage in the will of the so-called “National Father” Sun Yat-sen. This passage states his purpose of devoting himself to the national revolution is for freedom and equality in China. And to achieve this goal, it is necessary to call on the people and join forces with other countries to strive together.

This could be because Peng set the time for the post before going to Sitong Bridge, or maybe the Twitter account was transferred to someone else. In any case, it shows that Peng had carefully arranged it in advance. When the strategy was sent out, he did not forget to say that his aim was to pursue a free and equal system and awaken the Chinese people. According to Sound of Hope, it has been suggested that Peng is only anti-Xi, but that seems to underestimate him.

Wang Dan, leader of the “June 4 Student Movement,” said that Peng is not in the bottom class of Chinese society, but more like the middle one because he meticulously planned his actions, and his slogan also conveys depth.

This is important, Wang said, “To reaffirm what we have said many times, that the middle class has been the mainstay of the CCP’s rule for decades. The CCP has ruled not only by violence and lies, but also the middle class’s money. Without the middle class, the CCP would not be able to survive, and the middle class also colluded with them, but now the link has been broken, and representatives of the middle class have stood up to criticize Xi Jinping. This has a very important meaning!”

Li Youtan, a professor at the Institute of Development Studies of National Chengchi University, commented to Radio Free Asia (RFA) that Peng has both wisdom and courage, and this happened at a sensitive time that should not be taken lightly.

Many Chinese in China know that this event marks an important milestone. Li said, “Is it possible that the CCP’s totalitarian regime with its iron walls will be destroyed by the wave on the internet? Peng Lifa has prepared well, attracting attention on the global internet. Is there a possibility of a coup against the CCP? The precursor to the people’s coup?”

The protesting slogans on Sitong Bridge continue to spread in China. In addition to restroom slogans appearing in Beijing and Xi’an, slogans responding to Peng also appeared in restrooms in the Chengdu subway system. Some say it was the “restroom revolution.”

The CCP was extremely frightened and responded ridiculously. In addition to hiring people to guard overpasses and public restrooms, Tsinghua University issued a notice requiring printing shops to register customers’ real names, stop self-service printing, and only print and copy after a salesperson has confirmed the content.

The CCP’s network administrators strictly censor sensitive words. Therefore, many Chinese netizens turned to the “Airdrop” function to send photos of Peng’s slogans and Sitong Bridge banners. As a result, some educational institutions have recently issued an “urgent notice” asking students with iPhones to turn off the “Airdrop” function. The notice also says that if students receive “inappropriate” or “harmful” information, they should “delete it promptly and not forward or repost it.”

A Chinese netizen posted a photo of Peng on WeChat, and the account has been banned forever. Someone asked on Douyu what happened to Beijing, and was also banned for three days.

A Chinese netizen, because he loves watching football, changed his Zhihu account name to Beijing Guoan, but his nickname was inexplicably blocked on the October 17 and he can’t use the word Beijing in his nickname anymore. He still doesn’t know if it’s due to the 20th National Congress or the Sitong Bridge incident.

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