China is entering the week of the 20th national Party Congress that began on October 16. This is an important event for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to strengthen China’s leaders’ position over the next five years. Therefore, a wave of public opinion has begun to recently increase.

After the incident of a man hanging banners protesting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the Sitong Bridge in Beijing on October 13, there were many slogans, or spray-painted words appeared in public places to support the protest.

Wang Jianhong, a Chinese human rights watcher, living in the UK, shared four photos with the specific time and locations on her personal Twitter. 

Accordingly, the time of the incident was in the early morning of October 16. Many handwritten slogans or papers can be seen in Xi’an, including the bus station opposite the North Gate of Jiaotong University, the shared bicycle recharge window on Xianning Road, the inspection booth on Xingqing Road, and the windows of vehicles parked on the street outside Baxian Nunnery. 

The content is similar to the slogans hanging on Sitong Bridge, Beijing: No need for nucleic acid testing, a need for food.

No need for lockdown, need freedom.

No need to lie, need respect.

No need for cultural revolution, need for reform.

No need for a communist party leader, need for real elections.

No need for people who only obey orders, need citizens.

According to Xiwang Zhisheng, this issue was a hot topic that appeared in many group discussions on the social platform Telegram.

Many netizens’ comments said that public toilets in many places have now strengthened people’s control by requiring QR codes to be scanned in the name of epidemic control. Besides, the authorities also send guards to these public spots.

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