Recently, a video circulated about parents who took their children to the hospital for examination in Xiayi County, Shangqiu City, Henan Province due to abnormal nosebleeds.

On May 25, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Xiayi County released a report that the specialists had already investigated several related factories close to the residential area.

After testing, the staff said that the emission data of four factories did not exceed the standard, but a pungent smell still existed.

According to Jimu news, meteorological conditions such as distance, wind direction, and temperature may cause the surrounding environment sometimes to have peculiar smells.

In addition, the investigation will take time to complete, so they are not yet sure if the nosebleeds issue is related to the factory exhaust.

However, on May 18, the environmental protection department required four involved companies to suspend their production for rectification.

Regarding the video, some parents said that their children began to suffer from nosebleeds in recent years, and the frequency has been gradually rising.

One parent also said that their son once had a profuse nosebleed, which caused the bed and floor to be stained.

Additionally, the community often smelled pungent odors and could not sleep without closing the windows. Residents suspected that the children’s nosebleeds were related to several nearby textile factories.

The report also said that since May 21, the county authority had organized free health checks for the primary and secondary school students in the surrounding residential communities at the county people’s hospital.

Furthermore, as of May 25, 404 students out of 600 had been examined. One had nosebleeds, five had bloodstains in the nasal cavity, and the rest had no apparent abnormality.

However, the hospital that treated the child with a bleeding nose said they had not yet identified the cause. They are waiting for other examination results.

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